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Last Updated: September 3, 2012
Please leave your submissions into the ask box! 

#1: Anonymous submissions usually will not be credited, but sometimes will be. Don’t expect it, though. 

16/04/12: I recently allowed anonymous questions for the ask box, only because I figured some people (like me) don’t like letting other people know who they are.

#2: Please note that if you do submit, your submission can be changed slightly for length reasons, grammar reasons, etc.

: If your submission slightly doesn’t make sense, then I will message you and ask for clarity. You won’t be receiving a message from kpopmoments, though; you’ll be receiving a message from someone else, as this is not my main blog. It will have a signature on the bottom of the message, though.

But, if your submission is something like “pies snail computer”, then I’m not even going to try to figure out what in the world you were trying to submit. Sorry~ 

Anonymous submissions will get ignored, since I won’t be able to message back.

Please be sure to make it clear what the submission is, preferably by putting it in quotation marks.

It’s fine however you want to submit it, though. As long as it’s clear enough for me to understand.

 Extreme swear words and inappropriate things will either be taken out, rejected or posted with half of the word censored.

I’m somewhat fine with anything like this, but please think about all of the other people on Tumblr. 

#6: If you submit a lot (for example, five in one ask) I will only choose a few.

There will be exceptions when all of them are very meaningful/can be related to by majority of kpoppers/etc

#7: Please be patient after submitting! I’m not on Tumblr 24/7, you know~ I’ve got a life outside of Tumblr (I know, shocking, right?)

But sometimes I do get lazy, or Tumblr may have eaten up your message, so if a week goes by and you don’t see your submission being posted, please just resubmit~

Do realize that if another week goes by after you resubmit, then please refer to #3 and #4~ Remember to check over your submission!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you submit~ ♪♫♥