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vida-97 said: sorry it's me again!! this: image/33552505173...I didn't get it. can you please post a pic of it?? thank U so much!

No it’s alright! ^^

Instead of posting a pic, how about clicking here to a video that explains everything?

And, well, if you’re too lazy to go view the hilariously adorable fancam that I’ve set the link exactly to when he starts putting his iPad into his pants, here’s a screen shot:


vida-97 said: so nice and funny! but I don't get something. the one that was about exo.11 wolves and 1 poodle. poodle who??? :-)

Baekhyun’s the poodle! ^^

Baekhyun EXO WOLF Teaser 3

I mean, come on, that doesn’t look like a furious wolf.

Baekhyun EXO WOLF Teaser 2

And dat poodle hair. He doesn’t look the least bit ferocious like a wolf—-

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